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Swedish entrepreneur Tobias Fridell smashing igaming sale record

Swedish entrepreneur Tobias Fridell smashing igaming sale record
By: Sky News Posted On: June 18, 2020 View: 27745

Swedish entrepreneur Tobias Fridell smashing igaming sale record

The notorious young entrepreneur Tobias Fridell from sweden breaks a smashing hit sale in record time.
With his team they managed to develop a yet not known to the public software algorithm for the online and landbased casino business that
detects fraudlent behaviours from players in a whole new level.

Greg Young from the USA Gambling Comittee stated that this is an astonishing product that would change the entire casino business for
operators to keep their business safe, up and running and minimize fake players, accounts and registred personal data by using biometric scan data.

Even though Tobias Fridell managed to develop this entire infrastructure within just a couple months, 
the actual sale went through within 48 hours after the product was released as news through the Swedish company Betsler AB, owned by Tobias Fridell and partners.

Due to NDA agreement the buyer confidentiality has to be hidden, but its comfirmed that the sale went of at close to 50M €.

According to Tobias Fridell he is very pleased with the outcome of this development and reveals that he also are planning
to launch other related tweaks for the iGaming industry during 2020.

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